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Schneider Electric’s data center offering is more than just a compilation of good products; it is a dedicated team spanning across all components of the value chain, understanding the requirements of IT, facilities, and business.

To deliver reliable power, you need a reliable partner. With expertise in product and system design, power management and control, power system consulting and project management, our team ensures your operation runs smoothly 7/24/365.

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Products & Solutions Designed With Uptime In Mind


Schneider Electric delivers the reliable power products and solutions that data centers require to avoid costly downtime. Schneider Electric’s Square D brand is the most trusted name in the industry, offering a complete line of high quality medium and low voltage electrical distribution and circuit protection products designed to ensure the reliability of data centers’ critical power applications.

These reliable products include switchgear, switchboards, busway, transformers, panelboards, safety switches, and distribution and control components.

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Schneider Electric continues to drive innovation and thought leadership on power delivery in the data center. We understand the need to reduce operating costs and maximize energy efficiency – and never at the expense of availability.

In response to this demand, Schneider Electric continually introduces products that meet the needs of growing power densities and the challenge for a smaller footprint.

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Schneider Electric enables continuity of operations through our complete service solutions, including routine maintenance, refurbishment, replacement, or recommendations to optimize existing equipment.

Because data center down time for maintenance is a critical commodity, proper planning and implementation of the electrical maintenance program is vital to a data center’s overall success.

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Protection From Human Risk

Arc Flash Mitigation

Schneider Electric is at the forefront in developing technologies for both passive and active arc flash mitigation. We advocate compliance to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace - not only for worker safety, but also equipment productivity. An arc flash accident can render equipment unusable and place the facility in a costly downtime mode, which could last hours or days.

Arc Flash

Enabling More Intelligence

Metering & Diagnostics

Schneider Electric provides integrated power metering and monitoring solutions, along with superior power quality analysis, to minimize the risk of power-related downtime. Our Power Solutions for Data Centers serve as a layer of intelligence across all of your energy assets, spanning power, building and facility systems. It integrates tightly with our electrical distribution equipment, providing power system intelligence for the entire power infrastructure of a data center.

Metering Diagnostics

Event Reconstruction

The key to incident recovery is in the ability to quickly understand what went wrong and implement corrective actions to ensure that it does not happen again. Schneider Electric’s power monitoring systems can reconstruct the sequence of events, such as a circuit breaker tripping or a static switch transfer, down to 1 millisecond resolution.

We have the tools to quickly identify problem areas during a power incident, verify the state of the power equipment, isolate the trouble, and audit the effectiveness of maintenance.

Event Reconstruction