Building Management

Connecting all your IT assets, so you can access and analyze data quickly and respond proactively.

One of the most important business objectives for colo or commercial data centers is to ensure you satisfy your customers’ Service Level Agreements. This means you must strike the perfect balance among the competing demands of high-density computing, essential cooling at all times, and the stresses placed on your electrical and cooling infrastructure. 

Schneider Electric’s Data Center Solutions helps data centers worldwide to monitor and capture hundreds of data points, then integrate, manage and transform raw data into actionable alarms, displays, and reports that facilitate better informed decisions. The result is a significant reduction in cost and energy consumption as well as improved operational uptime and increased productivity. 

Improve Your Service and Your Bottom Line

Because data center downtime leads to lost transactions, corrupted server data, network traffic disruptions, unavailable hosted applications, financial losses, and potentially unhappy, lost customers, our solutions are designed to ensure your data center avoids such catastrophes. Our systems monitor, collect, integrate and display real-time data in a single frame so that data center managers can access and analyze that data quickly and respond proactively. 

With Schneider Electric’s Data Center Solutions, you can monitor and respond to events, ensure reliability, improve performance, and avoid costly downtime. 

Your data center is a complex, dynamic environment that depends on multiple factors: 

  • Systems that manage power feeds into the building 
  • Building management systems (BMS) that handle lighting, security and energy management 
  • White space requirements 
  • Multiple software applications

As energy-intensive data centers grow to meet changing business needs, the demand for quality power continuously grows. And the ‘always on’ requirements usually mean adding high density, power-hungry, heat-generating IT equipment that may significantly impact CAPEX, OPEX and PUE (power usage effectiveness) numbers. Such a fragmented approach to managing all these elements, however, not only makes it difficult to monitor energy use across multiple components, but also proves to be very costly. 

The demand for a more reliable, secure and energy efficient facility is growing. That is why many corporations trust Schneider Electric to deliver the intelligent building solutions that lower capital expenses and reduce operating costs. Our solutions enable you to integrate power, white space and facilities – connecting all IT assets with physical infrastructure.

Experience our Reliable Solutions

Our systems monitor, collect, integrate, and display real-time data in a single frame, so that data center managers can access and analyze it quickly, and avoid potential problems. 

Operators and management are alerted immediately in the event of a potential or real failure. In doing so, the expectations of your customers are met. Our systems will help keep your applications running 24/7/365. When your data center is this reliable, you realize a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) – allowing you to focus on improved performance and disaster avoidance, instead of disaster recovery.

Cooling IT gear typically consumes 50% of the power used by a data center. Effectively managing the heat load minimizes the risk of downtime and manages energy costs. How can you do this? With Schneider Electric’s Building Management Systems (BMS)…we help you answer your most pressing energy-efficiency questions such as:

  • How much power am I using?
  • What IT services are costing me the most in power consumption?
  • How do I maximize my power with new technology changes like virtualization and cloud computing?
  • How much money can I save?

One single management system for a data center’s physical infrastructure delivers a common view of energy, enabling data center management to tie energy into the service management of IT assets. Our systems collect and analyze key power consumption data, temperature, and humidity in real time, and automatically adjust cooling and lighting. And, our secure web portals allow you to easily and securely access reports on power quality, personnel access, and critical alarm history...even from remote locations.


  • StruxureWare Management Software

    StruxureWare for Data Centers is a management software suite designed to collect and manage data about a data center’s assets, resource use and operation status throughout the data center lifecycle. This information is then distributed, integrated, and applied in ways that help managers optimize the data center’s performance and meet IT, business and service oriented goals. From IT assets to racks, rows, rooms and buildings, StruxureWare for Data Centers delivers the right information to the right users at the right time.

  • Lighting Control

    As energy costs continue to rise, understanding and managing the key culprits in energy waste becomes essential to maximizing energy savings. Our Lighting Control Systems, Relay Panels and Measurement and Verification Panelboards provide the widest dynamic monitoring range available within their class, allowing users to measure and control electrical energy, consumption, and demand.