Reliability, Efficiency and Satety from the Most Trusted Name in the Industry

Power is critical to a majority of today’s businesses whose definition of ‘smart energy’ means achieving the right balance between reliability, efficiency and safety. Schneider Electric’s Square D® brand is the most trusted name in the industry, offering a complete line of high quality medium and low voltage power distribution and circuit protection products to the nation’s largest and data centers.

When Power Is Mission Critical

Mission critical businesses can’t always trust the power grid to supply energy. Rather, they require specialized equipment to meet their critical power needs in addition to normal power distribution equipment. This often includes automatic transfer systems, UPS systems, onsite generation, emergency power equipment, filtered power distribution, surge protection, static transfer, specialized cooling systems and interfaces to other building management systems.

Designing, installing and managing systems of this complexity is no small task. That’s why Schneider Electric combines best-in-class products and expertise with application-specific services to provide tightly coordinated, one-stop solutions to businesses in which ultra-reliable power is a requirement – not an option.

With hundreds of successful installations and growing, Schneider Electric specializes in meeting the specific needs of data centers. Today, Square D® brand equipment appears in the data centers of some of the nation’s largest companies, colos, and government agencies. Whether Tier I or Tier IV, we design and deliver an ultra-reliable, tiered system that addresses even the greatest data center challenges.

People you can count on

To deliver reliable power, you need a reliable partner. With expertise in product and system design, power management and control, power system consulting and project management, our team ensures your operation runs smoothly 7/24/365.

Our data center experts:

  • Serve you through every step of a project
  • Deliver optimized solutions up to 33% faster than a typical commercial project
  • Create reliable systems that promise you peace of mind


  • Circuit Breakers

    Circuit breaker reliability is the key to critical power success. Our Electric Circuit Breakers are used by many UPS, Generator, and Paralleling equipment manufacturers as part of their standard designs. Masterpact® NW and NT circuit breakers are the most reliable two-step stored-energy circuit breakers on the market.

  • Switchgear & Switchboards

    Square D® switchboards and switchgear are used in a variety of electrical distribution, switching, control and protective applications. This class of equipment protects transformers, motors, generators, distribution lines and feeder circuits.

  • Transformers

    Schneider Electric offers a complete line of Square D® transformers for commercial and industrial applications in both pad-mounted and substation style. The pad-mounted style is best suited for commercial applications in public access areas and where underground service is required. The substation style is ideal for industrial applications and can be stand alone or close-coupled to switchgear providing a complete substation line-up. Both styles are available in outdoor mineral oil design or high fire point fluids for indoor use.

  • Motor Control Centers (MCCs)

    Schneider Electric manufactures a wide range of low and medium voltage control products. From low voltage motor control centers with intelligent devices and circuit protection products to medium voltage controllers, our vast array of motor control products serve an important part of many critical power solutions. Our Square D family of products includes motor control centers, manual starters and switches, definite purpose contactors, lighting contactors, disconnect switches and the Type S NEMA rated magnetic starter with Motor Logic solid state overload relay. When your application requires a NEMA rated product, Schneider Electric has a solution to meet your needs now and into the future.

  • Panelboards

    Square D® I-Line®, NF and NQOD are recognized as the industry leaders for panelboard design and manufacturing. Used in data centers by data center managers, engineering consultants and contractors, suppliers of power distribution units (PDUs) and remote power panels (RPPs) rely on our panelboards for their equipment. In smaller data centers, located in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, large offices, etc., our panelboards are used to supply their entire system.

  • Busway

    Busway offers a versatility in application and a simplicity in installation that cable and conduit can't match. With more than 50 years of experience, Square D is the leader in busway design and manufacturing. Our busway systems are already working in thousands of commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. All Square D busway systems are pre-engineered for easy installation, are 100% reusable whenever a system must be modified, and are easily expandable with standard bus components.