Knowledge is Power Saved

Schneider Electric’s Data Center Solutions helps data centers worldwide to monitor and capture hundreds of data points, then integrate, manage and transform raw data into actionable alarms, displays, and reports that facilitate better informed decisions. The result is a significant reduction in cost and energy consumption as well as improved operational uptime and increased productivity.


  • Reliability is core to the data center business. Your clients need secure data access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that requires reliable energy. 
  • PowerLogic systems provide energy and power management information necessary to keep business-critical data and communications networks operating continuously with a stable supply of energy. 
  • ROI payback for PowerLogic systems is impressive – often less than one year, thanks to major savings in avoided downtime, optimized maintenance and lower capital and energy expenses. 


  • Maximize Uptime – Power quality problems such as sags, transients, and harmonics can cause device malfunction, downtime, and damage to equipment. These power quality issues eat into profits by costing you money in hardware repair or replacement, billable service time lost, equipment re-starts, and idle workers. You can avoid the expensive and often hidden risks to productivity that can result from power problems. Typically, another 10% can be found by discovering power system reliability improvements with powerful PowerLogic metering that offers extremely accurate and high speed event capture information.
  • Reduce Utility Costs – Utility savings at most facilities can be thought of in much the same way. You can significantly reduce direct consumption-related costs. And if you're a property manager, you can increase the accuracy of energy settlements or customer billing. Think of your utility bills as being the peak, easy to see every month. By simply installing a PowerLogic®  power monitoring system, you can realize a 2-4% savings-but that's just the "tip of the iceberg" in terms of your potential savings.
  • Minimize Capital Expenses – Computer-intensive facilities have significant energy requirements but are consistently overbuilt, with power densities of 100 to 300 watts per square foot and typical utilization factors of less than 30%. Control costs by designing the right power distribution system capacity - one that meets but doesn't exceed the needs of any new facility, retrofit, or expansion.
  • Centralize Management of Multiple Facilities – Data center managers must have immediate access to facility-wide information – locally, regionally, or across the continent - so they can make smart decisions, share knowledge, and agree upon the best practices for the whole corporation.