Customer Training

Data Center University™

Data Center University™ (DCU) offers industry-leading education for IT professionals‚ facilities managers‚ engineers‚ designers‚ consultants‚ and anyone involved in the critical decisions and infrastructure planning of data centers worldwide. The changing nature of data centers‚ and the technology that impacts them‚ makes it even more critical that employees remain up to date on the current theories and best practices for issues around topics of power‚ cooling‚ efficiency, management‚ security‚ and design/site planning.

DCU provides a full curriculum of courses that educate and deliver up-to-the-minute information when and where you need it. Our online program is intended to be manageable and attainable‚ and with our Certification exam‚ you can quantify your learning and experience as a true data center professional!

College of Energy Efficiency

Because of our commitment to the new energy world, Schneider Electric, the global specialist in Energy Management,  has utilized the extensive experience and knowledge within our organization to launch a set of e-learning courses focusing on the major areas of energy efficiency.   The courses provide the information needed to identify, monitor and manage energy usage and  find new ways to simply and effectively create efficiency in any building or structure.

In addition to learning new energy saving ideas that directly contribute to the overall well-being of the earth; you will also become an even more valuable employee by contributing to the bottom line for your company.

Power Management University

Courses on PowerLogic Fundamentals, PowerLogic System Installation and Troubleshooting Certification, SMS, SMS Administrator Certification, Power Quality, Energy Management, ION Fundamentals, ION Administrator, and ION Programmer.

Customer Learning Center

Schneider Electric offers performance based training for many electrical and industrial products.

Courses are offered throughout the year at Schneider Electric and channel locations near you, reducing your travel time and costs.

New for 2013 is the introduction of VIRTUAL TRAINING, which brings a whole new experience to remote learning and hands-on training

Schneider Electric sees training, research and development as the keys to success, and we are constantly upgrading and improving our services to reflect the advances in technology.