System Assessment

Schneider Electric Data Center system assessment services are a total solution approach to preventing problems and increase operational efficiencies by using industry best practices.


  • Power System Studies

    Our nationally recognized Square D Power System Engineering professionals have proven problem solving skills, extensive utility and industrial experience and comprehensive power system expertise to identify opportunities for improvements to complex energy and power-related issues.

  • Power System Assessments

    Square D Power System Engineering can deliver assessments and designs to help you minimize project delays, nuisance tripping and mitigate power quality problems.

  • Safety Audits

    Codes and standards review provides essential power system documentation, improves reliability and ensures service to new loads.

  • Automatic Throw Over Systems

    Automatic Throw Over schemes provide automatic selection of available utility or generator sources to maintain service continuity to connected loads. Square D Engineering Services provide simple power reliability solutions to extremely sophisticated advanced automatic throw over schemes that include system integration to retrofit power systems with controls for automatic switching between Utility or Generator sources or Generator Paralleling.

  • Load Shedding and Breaker Sequencing

    Load-shedding schemes can be implemented to control peak demand levels or to ensure service continuity to critical loads. Breaker sequencing can be used to close breakers in accordance with user specified sequences and time delays such as bringing large motors on-line across several billing kw demand periods to avoid demand penalties.

  • Load Preservation

    Typically, load preservations are deployed at cogen and facilities with critical power requirements. Load preservations are fast acting sophisticated control systems designed to stabilize critical power systems to greatest extent possible.

  • EPSS Test Reporting

    The PowerLogic EPSS Test Report provides information regarding the health and status of the emergency power supply system, including automatic transfer switches and generators. The EPSS reports serves to document proof that the EPSS is fully exercised and operational or can be used to take the necessary actions to correct system problems.