When you need the most reliable, most efficient solutions for critical power applications, you think about more than equipment. With Schneider Electric, you're guaranteed a partner who can help you drive down energy costs while maximizing reliability. Our experts have been managing large data center projects for years, and we've earned a reputation that is unmatched in the industry.

We combine the industry's No. 1 choice in data center power system components with integrated solutions to help you stay in control. Then, we back it up with lifetime support to improve performance throughout your operation.

Roles or Expertise

  • Contractor or Builder

    With hundreds of large data center projects under our belts, we understand the need for speed-to-market. That’s why we created the Critical Power Competency Center with focused resources – sales, engineering, project management, and manufacturing – all dedicated to helping you shorten cycle times and deliver your mission-critical project on-time and within budget.

  • Design Engineer or Consultant

    There is no question about it… consulting engineers rely on our ability to add value to the design process. Our goal is to get engaged early in the design process — applying our expertise in issues such as grounding, power transfer, and circuit breaker coordination — to help you deliver system designs that ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • Owner or Operator

    The nation’s largest data center owners and operators recognize the value of a partnership with Schneider Electric. Our experts deliver peace of mind by offering solutions to maximize availability, improve agility, increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership for your data center. Our active involvement throughout the entire data center life cycle ensures that our success is ultimately your success.

  • OEM

    OEMs value their relationship with Schneider Electric’s Square D Critical Power Compentency Center. Providing OEMs with flexible solutions that deliver the maximum value-add to their customers is a key goal. Regardless of your critical power need, we will customize a solution that will increase your responsiveness in the market.


  • Availability

    When 99.999+% uptime is the goal, data center professionals turn to Schneider Electric for solutions to maximize uptime. Solutions like comprehensive monitoring systems with the ability to record sequence-of-events to the milisecond for forensic analysis; engineering expertise including reliability analysis, circuit breaker coordination, and power source transfer; and extensive field service capabilities for preventative maintenance and power equipment refurbishment.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The Schneider Electric family of brands offers a broad range of solutions to address the growing need for energy efficiency in the data center: Enterprise energy and power management systems; Building automation and environmental control; Variable frequency drives, lighting control, energy efficient transformers; High-efficiency backup power and precision cooling solutions; Energy efficiency consulting. From the utility coupling to the computer room floor, Schneider Electric can help you make the most of your energy.

  • Agility

    When you’ve got less than nine months from groundbreak to get your large enterprise data center built and running, you need vendors that are up to the challenge. Schneider Electric has made the investments. Take for example our Critical Power Competency Center, a focused team dedicated to streamlining large data center projects via early engagement in the design process, coordination across the many channels, dedicated engineering and manufacturing resources, and more.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    We deliver the products, services and solutions that drive reductions in operating costs so you can put your money where it matters most. Our family of energy efficiency solutions including enterprise energy and power management systems, variable frequency drives, lighting control, and energy efficient transformers help drive down operating costs. And our factory integration capabilities shorten cycle times, save floor space, and dramatically reduce installation costs driving savings straight to your bottom line.


  • Healthcare

    The sensitive equipment in your healthcare facility demands high power quality levels; poor quality or a power system failure can be potentially tragic. That’s why we deliver solutions for power distribution, management, and control — along with an extensive network of dedicated experts and OEMs for generation, paralleling and automatic transfer equipment, back-up power and JACHO testing equipment. Smart Solutions for lifetime reliability.

  • Government & Education

    The US Government is the world’s largest manager of data. Reliability and uptime are critical to assuring access to benefits systems such as the Social Security Administration or the VA; even entities such as the Centers for Disease Control or the financial institutions of Fannie Mae and Federal Reserve Bank require a secure supply of power. That’s why Square D is a preferred provider of critical power solutions at federal, state, and local levels.

  • Financial Services

  • Enterprise

    Square D provides smart energy solutions in a broad range of critical power applications. To some, smart energy means reliability above all else - to others, energy efficiency or safety are key. More often than not, businesses with critical power requirements value all three. Our portfolio of proven products, engineering expertise in power quality, energy efficiency and backup power, a large field service organization ensuring that help is never far away, and the broad reach of a global company with a family of leading brands ensure that Schneider Electric is the Smart partner for your critical power application.

Cloud & Colo


  • Power Distribution & Switchgear

    Square D’s LV and MV switchgear deliver protection for data center switching and control applications including main service switchgear, paralleling switchgear, UPS input switchgear, UPS output switchgear, and load bank switchgear. With the industry’s widest selection of power distribution and control equipment, and the ability to customer engineer solutions for specific applications, we can meet the needs of even the most unique system designs.

  • Automation & Control

    When utility power is lost, will your auto transfer system do its job? Partner with the company that invented the PLC to put your mind at ease. With one of the most comprehensive PLC/HMI selections in the industry, you’ll have a reliable solution that integrates seemlessly to your third party devices. You also gain access to a vast Distributor network ensuring local product availability. Whether you’re a generator paralleling OEM looking for reliable automation components, or an end-user wanting a best-in class transfer scheme, Schneider Electric is your power system automation expert.

  • Circuit Protection

    Reliable circuit breaker technology is the heart of a critical power system. You can count on Schneider Electric to deliver circuit protection solutions designed for critical power applications. Solutions like our Masterpact™ NW and NT circuit breakers that provide more operations without maintenance than any low voltage circuit breaker on the market, and our proprietary “Mission Critical Breaker” specifically designed as a main breaker in PDUs so you can maximize system coordination with PDU branches. Square D circuit breakers are used by many UPS, generator, and paralleling equipment manufacturers in their standard designs.

  • Power Monitoring

    Data centers need more than just a few installed power meters, they need a comprehensive energy and power management system that provides proactive warning before you overload a PDU circuit, detailed energy usage data, and exact information for troubleshooting power quality events. For single-building monitoring solutions from the utility coupling to the computer room floor, to multi-site enterprise energy management solutions, Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic energy and power management system delivers the information needed to reduce energy-related costs and increase uptime.