Dedicated to maintaining and improving system efficiency and productivity, Schneider Electric leads the industry with world-acclaimed power engineers with the expertise and resources you require of power, automation and control system services to keep your processes at peak operational performance at any time in any place. 


  • Healthcare

    The sensitive equipment in your healthcare facility demands high power quality levels; poor quality or a power system failure can be potentially tragic. That’s why we deliver solutions for power distribution, management, and control — along with an extensive network of dedicated experts and OEMs for generation, paralleling and automatic transfer equipment, back-up power and JACHO testing equipment. Smart Solutions for lifetime reliability.

  • Government & Education

    The US Government is the world’s largest manager of data. Reliability and uptime are critical to assuring access to benefits systems such as the Social Security Administration or the VA; even entities such as the Centers for Disease Control or the financial institutions of Fannie Mae and Federal Reserve Bank require a secure supply of power. That’s why Square D is a preferred provider of critical power solutions at federal, state, and local levels.

  • Financial Services

  • Enterprise

    Square D provides smart energy solutions in a broad range of critical power applications. To some, smart energy means reliability above all else - to others, energy efficiency or safety are key. More often than not, businesses with critical power requirements value all three. Our portfolio of proven products, engineering expertise in power quality, energy efficiency and backup power, a large field service organization ensuring that help is never far away, and the broad reach of a global company with a family of leading brands ensure that Schneider Electric is the Smart partner for your critical power application.