We understand the need to reduce operating costs AND maximize energy efficiency – never at the expense of availability. For example, to enable worry-free virtualization, Schneider Electric’s cooling strategies combine facility-based perimeter cooling with hot aisle containment and row-based cooling – all monitored and managed via an integrated software platform. This interconnected solution achieves higher availability and better energy savings, while carefully controlling operating expenses.


  • Availability

    When 99.999+% uptime is the goal, data center professionals turn to Schneider Electric for solutions to maximize uptime. Solutions like comprehensive monitoring systems with the ability to record sequence-of-events to the milisecond for forensic analysis; engineering expertise including reliability analysis, circuit breaker coordination, and power source transfer; and extensive field service capabilities for preventative maintenance and power equipment refurbishment.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The Schneider Electric family of brands offers a broad range of solutions to address the growing need for energy efficiency in the data center: Enterprise energy and power management systems; Building automation and environmental control; Variable frequency drives, lighting control, energy efficient transformers; High-efficiency backup power and precision cooling solutions; Energy efficiency consulting. From the utility coupling to the computer room floor, Schneider Electric can help you make the most of your energy.

  • Agility

    When you’ve got less than nine months from groundbreak to get your large enterprise data center built and running, you need vendors that are up to the challenge. Schneider Electric has made the investments. Take for example our Critical Power Competency Center, a focused team dedicated to streamlining large data center projects via early engagement in the design process, coordination across the many channels, dedicated engineering and manufacturing resources, and more.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    We deliver the products, services and solutions that drive reductions in operating costs so you can put your money where it matters most. Our family of energy efficiency solutions including enterprise energy and power management systems, variable frequency drives, lighting control, and energy efficient transformers help drive down operating costs. And our factory integration capabilities shorten cycle times, save floor space, and dramatically reduce installation costs driving savings straight to your bottom line.