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Whether you provide wholesale data center real estate services, retail co-location, managed hosting, or cloud services, your data center is your business.  You rely on this asset and more importantly, your clients do as well.

With unparalleled expertise throughout the data center lifecycle, Schneider Electric can be your partner to help you grow your business and to make it more profitable.  As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has an array of products, services, and solutions that fit the needs of your business.  In addition, we have the know-how that comes from our focus on data centers from rack to row to room to building.

As a data center service provider, is it critical that you understand the criteria that your clients are using to make their outsourcing decisions. Follow the link below to see a calculator that can help you better understand how your underlying cost structure and differentiators in the market.


As you begin any data center construction process, the key variables that you must control are time and cost.  Schneider Electric is the industry leader in partnering with clients to deliver value throughout the construction process:

  • Our industry-leading offers span the entirety of the data center from the grey space all the way through to the white space, whether you build it out or it is built by your clients.
  • Our Data Center Solutions team has vast experience in working with end users, engineers, general contractors, electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, and other members of the construction value chain to deliver customized yet repeatable end user solutions.
  • Schneider Electric’s expertise in the operation of data centers can also help to improve your clients’ experience and lower your overall operating costs.
  • Energy can account for 50-60% of the total operating cost of a data center.  Schneider’s expertise in the monitoring and management of energy within data centers can help reduce your energy costs by 30% while making your data center more safe, reliable, productive, efficient, and green.
  • Our StruxureWare DCIM software combines Power Monitoring, Facilities Management, and IT management to help you monitor the health of your data center and lower costs through proper deployment and maintenance of servers.
  • Our managed services capabilities can be deployed from full-scale outsourced data center operations to more tactical service contracts on equipment.

Regardless of the size of your data center or the size of your company, Schneider Electric understands the needs of your business and has the expertise and the offers to meet those needs. 

Case Studies

Compass Datacenters: Holistic Data Center Management


Anyone familiar with the data center industry for the past five or six years will testify to its rapid rate of growth. By any measure (number and size of facilities, revenues or the number of providers), the marketplace has expanded. This growth has helped spawn a number of technical innovations in areas such as cooling and power systems to both fuel this growth and enable customers to keep up with the physical demands necessitated by their associated data center based applications. The effect of these technological advancements is a gap between the infrastructure and the tools needed to manage them.

RagingWire & Critical Power Competency Center: Partnering for Success


RagingWire Enterprises, a 200,000 sq/ft Tier IV data center discusses how its strategic partnership with Square D CPCC contributes to its reliability, uptime and ultimate success.

Tech Vault, Inc. Brings Energy Efficient Data Center Practices to Life for Vermont Business Owners


The significant strain data centers put on a building’s electrical energy is not surprising to IT professionals in the industry. These facilities require massive amounts of cooling, heating, lighting and electrical power to run and power its customers’ sources all day, every day. Reducing a data center’s energy consumption is no easy feat, but it is a vital one. Recognizing this challenge, which many businesses face, the Tech Vault, Inc. data center in South Burlington, Vermont undertook the challenge of designing and developing a data center that is now considered to be the most efficient data center in New England. This level of efficiency has been attained under the guidance of energy management expert Schneider Electric.

Industry News

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RagingWire Partnering Success Strategy

Learn how a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric contributes to the success of a 200,000 sq/ft Tier IV data center.

Switch Communications: Building the Data Center of the Future

Are you wondering what the data center of the future will look like? Switch Communications already knows. Switch is breaking new ground with a 407,000 square foot co-location facility designed to handle super-high densities of up to 1,500 watts per square foot. And they're relying on Schneider Electric's broad portfolio of products to make it possible - from APC's Symmetra Megawatt UPS and Square D's switch gear to TAC's building management system and Pelco's security cameras.


Considerations for Owning versus Outsourcing Data Center Physical Infrastructure

When faced with the decision of upgrading an existing data center, building new, or leasing space in a colocation data center, there are both quantitative and qualitative differences to consider. The 10-year TCO will generally favor upgrading or building over outsourcing. However, this paper demonstrates that the economics may be overwhelmed by a business’ sensitivity to cash flow, the deployment timeframe, data center life expectancy, regulatory requirements, and other strategic factors. This paper discusses how to assess these key factors to help make a sound decision.

AT304 – Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers

AT304_Power Monitoring for Modern Data Centers.pdf

By their nature, mission critical facilities such as Internet data centers are prime candidates for power monitoring systems. By employing monitoring systems to analyze system-wide historical and real-time power data, facility managers can reduce the cost of electricity and improve its quality and reliability.

AT321_Power System Event Reconstruction Technologies

AT321_Power System Event Reconstruction Technologies.pdf

Reliability principles indicate that, due to component degradation, no power system can operate 100% of the time indefinitely. Back up and recovery procedures are designed to save the critical load in an emergency condition. The key to incident recovery is in the ability to quickly understand what went wrong and implement corrective actions. New power monitoring systems can re-construct the sequence of events such as circuit breaker tripping, static switch transfer, etc., down to 1 ms resolution. This paper discusses this technology and the necessity of its application to modern data centers.

AT323_DC Power System Reliability Beyond The Nines

AT323_DC Power System Reliability Beyond The Nines.pdf

Reliability has always been the focus of mission-critical power system design. While a rigorous mathematical approach to reliability is necessary to achieve the best results, the techniques used can be misunderstood or misapplied. Further, those practical elements so crucial to successful implementation are too-frequently overlooked. This paper gives an overview of the theoretical underpinnings of power system reliability analysis and the limiting “real-world” factors that must be used to temper any rigorous mathematical approach.